ADD INTELLIGENCE IN AVIATION, S.A. DE C.V., with mailing address in Sierra Zimapan No. 4 Office 19, Colonia Villas del Sol, Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, C.P. 76046, is responsible of collecting, usage and protection of your personal information. The data that hereby we collect, will be used to:

We collect the information in several ways: when it is directly given by you, by electronic means (web, e-mail, chat, online surveys) or via phone calls, through promotional activities or by providing you services.

The information we collect, either directly or through other means, is:

We also collect the following information that is considered as sensitive according to the Federal Law for the Data Protection in Possession of Private Entities:

We commit that this information will be treated under the strictest security measurements, always guaranteeing its confidentiality.

If you do not manifest your explicit opposition to the usage your sensitive personal information, it will be understood that you have granted permission to do so under the terms of this privacy notice.

Likewise, we inform you that your personal data can be transferred and treated inside and outside of the country, by different entities to this company. Thereby, your information can be shared with third parties with whom we have commercial alliances. The information is shared for them to offer their services.

If you do not manifest your explicit opposition to have your personal information shared, it will be understood that you have granted your permission to do so.

After the information is securely stored in our database, we elaborate a physical file. We do so for each our clients, potential clients and suppliers. These files are treated as confidential and are placed under physical restricted access. ADD Aviation always take proper measurements to protect the information that you provide us.

¿How can you limit the usage or sharing of your personal data?

To stop receiving our messages delivered via phone calls or email, if you chose so, please call us at +52 (442) 223 2200 or send us an email to

How can you access or request corrections to your information, or cancel or oppose to its usage?

To get to know more about the treatment we give to the personal information we collect, or for any request concerning this, please call or send an email to the previously stated phone number / address.

To request the cancellation or oppose to the usage of your data, please send an email stating so. The request must be sent with a scanned copy of an official ID, and in case of an organization, a scanned copy of the official document that establishes the company as a legal entity.

The term to meet the request is of 3 days.

How can you revoke the agreement for the usage of your personal information?

The agreement can be revoked at any time. For this, it is necessary to send an email to the aforementioned address, with a letter requesting to revoke the agreement. This letter has to be accompanied by the following:

Within a maximum period of 3 days, we will respond by informing you via phone call or email about the proceeding of the request.

Amendments to the Privacy Notice.

ADD Aviation reserves the right to make amendments or updates to this privacy notice, in order to comply with new legal requirements, changes on internal policies or new requirements for service offering or provisioning. These amendments will be publicly available through our website and will be sent to you via the latest email address you provided.

To whom can you file a complaint or about improper treatment of your personal data?

If you consider that your right for having your personal data protected has been harmed by actions from any of our collaborators, or by our operations or responses, or you presume that in the treatment of your personal information there has been a violation to the rules established in the Federal Law for the Data Protection in Possession of Private Entities, you can file a complaint or denouncement with IFAI.

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Sierra Zimapan No. 4 Office 19, Colonia Villas del Sol, Santiago de Queretaro, Queretaro, C.P. 76046